Why I chose an in-person Charter School.

The difficult decision to send my rising 4th and 6th graders back to school in person was not a decision that was made without many prayers, discussions, and research.
So, why did I choose the brick and mortar charter school for the fall? My kids are starting in a brand new charter school, which is large enough to allow for social distancing and no masks in the classroom. I did not want my children wearing masks all day. I’m not looking to debate anyone — I am just communicating the decision my husband and I have made in the best interests of our family.

How did we end up choosing a charter school? I’ve always been a fan of charter schools, and this year, it was time to pick a new one. We outgrew our former school, and I began looking for an alternative last fall and stumbled upon Cornerstone Classical Academy. I met with the principal, Dr. Williams, in December and was thoroughly impressed with her, the plan for the new school, the reputation of Hillsdale College, etc. And to make my decision easier, my 4th and 6th graders would be on the same campus with the same schedule.

Distance learning was not successful, especially with an IEP. When schools switched to distance learning in March, I was still working full time from home while managing their schoolwork. I did not like the way their school handled the distance learning — but I knew this wasn’t “homeschool.” If my circumstances were different, I would consider homeschooling full time. However, one of my children has an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and requires additional educational services. They did not receive services during the months we were forced to engage in distance learning. Knowing my child would receive their much-needed IEP services in a brick-and-mortar school made my decision to return my children to school easier.

Aren’t you worried about the virus?
My husband and I have both been exposed to COVID-positive co-workers and have tested negative. I have spent two weeks in quarantine this summer and waited 11 days to receive results. We are not around immune-compromised people and are in overall good health. We are ready to return to school, as normally as we possibly can. Each parent will need to make the decision that is best for their own family.

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