Y’all got any of those Essential Oils?!

I’m thrilled to be a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I started using YL oils a few years ago when my kids started school. The teachers were always diffusing the oils in class and it smelled so good! Come to find out, oils have many health benefits and my kids absolutely love them. They call Lavender “fairy spray” as it helps them calm down and sleep. I diffuse Thieves when cold & flu season rolls around. I diffuse it at bedtime in the kid’s rooms when they start showing symptoms. I swear they wake up better in the morning when I do so! Our new favorite is Peppermint– it is my go-to when I am trying to motivate little people to clean their rooms. Peppermint is the oil that is always diffused in my daughter’s 4th grade class. While I am no expert with oils, I can say that for myself and my family, I have noticed a difference in our overall health & mood when we are consistently using Young Living Oils. The reason I mention Young Living by name is that I have tried oils from Amazon and even from local health food stores. I noticed I would develop a headache when I diffused them. The more I read (and went down the rabbit hole of essential oils) the more I realized that I needed to use the purest oils possible (or I would end up with a headachey/nauseated feeling).

Do you use Essential Oils? Better yet, is there a blend you prefer? I would love to learn more how Moms use them in their everyday lives to stay balanced, focused and relaxed!

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